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eLit Awards"Flowing with the Go" wasn’t meant to be a published book. It was meant to be a journal of me writing stories down so I could focus on my feelings.

Before I knew it, my journal doodles, workout logs, and quotes I’d scribbled on the back of envelopes looked like a book.

Indie Book AwardsMy writing put my honest feelings in front of me. It gave me a way to admit to myself that my life would never be the same, but that every time I chose to stay in it I could honor my daughter.

Along the way it felt as if every page I wrote let some of the hurt out. I felt lighter and happier.

International Latino Book AwardsMy writing left many tears upon my keyboard, but at times it made me smile and many times it made me laugh. With the encouragement of my family, colleagues and closet friends, I made the decision to share my story with others.

There are many audiences for this book: parents, grieving people, Jiu-Jitsu fans, coaches, and team members.

I hope that each reader can find what I have found: inspiration, honesty, support, and strength.

What others are saying

"This wonderful gem of a book chronicles the author's struggle to move on after her daughter's sudden death. She finds solace not just from her loving friends and family, but also from her coaches and gym mates as she dedicates herself to Jiu-Jitsu." Continue reading....

"I enjoyed the book. When it ended, I missed her dialog, her gym and her training partners. Ms Stowell can write." Continue reading...

"At the beginning of this book, you find Elena in a very weak state in her life after Carly's death. You begin to see the transformation throughout the book to a strong confident woman, Jiu-Jitsu champion, and most importantly a mom who began to heal." Continue reading...

"The book started off as a personal journal for Elena, not intended to be seen or shared with others. But at the encouraging of a friend, she recently decided to publish it." Continue reading...

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